Captain Calavera is the former pirate protector of Isla Encanto.


  • At some point during his time as a pirate protector, Captain Calavera discovered a map leading to the The Stone of Life. Upon discovering that taking the stone would mean destroying the life that surrounds it, he ripped out part of the map and put the rest of it inside his journal. It’s unknown what he did with the ripped corner of the map.
  • Captian Calavera wrote about the golden giant, the treasure it guarded and the ancient civilization that the treasure belonged to in his journal. It’s possible that he was going after the treasure when he first discovered the giant, not knowing that the treasure belonged to somebody else.


  • Capitan Calavera is the prototype of Santiago Montes.
  • Captain Calavera is Santiago's hero, and role model.
  • Similarly to Santiago, Captain Calavera also had a pet frog.
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