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General Info

Lorelai is a 7-year-old mermaid who is the best friend of Santiago Montes and Tomás, and the tritagonist of Santiago of the Seas. She is voiced by Alyssa Cheatham.


She has a vast knowledge of the ocean and can speak to sea creatures. Her magical pearl bracelet allows her to transform into a young human girl so she can go on pirate adventures with Santiago and Tomás.






She is brave, kind, and caring. She is always eager to help her friends. She likes monkey, too

Powers, Skills, and Abilities

  • Mermaid Physiology:
    • Audiokinesis/Acoustikinesis:
    • Supersonic:
    • Sound & Vocal Manipulation:
    • Sonokinesis:
    • Sonic Screams, Waves, & Burst Projection:
    • Echolocation:
    • Echokinesis:
    • Hydrokinesis: As seen in The Stone of Life, she can control water at will.
    • Communication: She can speak to and call aquatic wildlife. As stated by Santiago is Princess and the Pirate Puppy, Lorelai can speak any language.



  • Seashell Shed:



  • Magical Mermaid Pearl Bracelet: It allows her to turn into a human and back to a mermaid whenever she wants at will.


As a civilian

Lorelai has long, brown hair that she generally styles in dreadlocks, dark skin, purple eyes and wears red lipstick, pearl earrings and a magical mermaid bracelet on her left wrist.

Her normal attire consists of a white elbow-length shirt with a pink sleeveless vest over it that has yellow and purple accents on the bottom, purple trousers and yellow shoes. She also wears her magical mermaid bracelet on her left wrist.

As a pirate

Lorelai Pirate Transformation GIF.gif

Her pirate attire consists of a white shirt, a pink vest with two silver buttons, a black belt with a gold buckle, a open purple waistcoat with yellow trim, a purple and yellow bandana that she wears on the top of her head, a silver choker with a golden star-like symbol, pale blue and white-striped trousers and black knee-length boots with golden trim. She also wears her mermaid bracelet on her left wrist.

As a mermaid

Her mermaid form looks mostly the same as her human form, however she has a lavender and purple-striped mermaid tail and wears a yellow and purple-accented tank top. She also still wears her mermaid bracelet on her left wrist.



  • She's the only crew member that is a mermaid.
  • According to the second Halloween episode of the show, it's revealed that Lorelai is afraid of bats.


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