• Hey I was wondering if you can switch over the Nickelodeon template on the Main page from Nickelodeon Footer to NickFooter because NickFooter is being used a lot more and it’s semi protected and Nickelodeon Footer got deleted

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    • I was talking about switching the Nick template on this Wiki

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    • Done.

      Believe it or not, this is the first wiki I created based on a TV show.

      There were a few others before, but they are not TV shows

      I would later on create other wikis based on animated content, like The Midnight Gospel and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home.

      I also created wikis based on anime, witch includes Sazae-san, Dokonjō Gaeru and Hakushon Daimaō.

      Unfortunately, I stopped creating wikis afterwords due to the UPC stuff that happened, and the update was so ugly and weird that I never want to create another wiki again.

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    • Thanks I stopped creating Wikis to because I don’t like that new UCP stuff so I never want to create another Wiki again!

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    • Seriously, I think I might contract to Fandom to make the format look more pleasing to the eyes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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